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The Internet of Thingsgiving

November 19th  2-3PM EST

Join us for a conversation about how to protect

your medical organization from security breaches via your medical devices.

Enterprises are adding many different kinds of unmanaged and IoT devices. Many of them run on unpatched software, are misconfigured, or use unsecured communication protocols, which makes them extremely vulnerable and easy to hack. Most traditional security products can’t see these devices, and the ones that can often don’t know what to do with them because they can’t identify them accurately. You need more than just an IP address to tackle threats in a way that’s effective but not disruptive to critical equipment like medical and manufacturing devices.

By combining Armis asset discovery, device behavior tracking, and continuous vulnerability assessment capabilities with Check Point’s security policy management and security gateways, our joint solution enables organizations to reduce exposure to the cyber-risk of IoT devices, without disrupting business operations; and across any environment, including enterprise, industrial, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Join us for a look into how Armis and Check Point

can help mitigate any risks and stop hackers from attacking your medical devices.